Everything is a story. I love to tell stories, through design, and create beautiful, easy-to-use digital experiences. Since 2010, I’ve launched mobile apps, led projects through UX and UI design cycles, and created experiences that have touched millions of people.
A better Cryptocurrency Tracking app CASE STUDY. CONCEPT, RESEARCH AND DESIGN. 2018 Explore
Tracking ideas. Re-design of Brave New Gear. CASE STUDY. RESEARCH, CONTENT, DESIGN. 2017 Explore
Hi-end decor for kids. FOXENKID. RESEARCH, BRANDING, DESIGN, PRINT. 2018 Coming Soon
Prints and illustrations. An artists journey. WATERCOLOUR AND INK PRINTS. 2016-2018 Coming Soon
Process and challenges of designing a video game. CONCEPT, RESEARCH, DESIGN, CODE. 2016 Coming Soon